It was a gloomy day that had occasional spots of snowfall drifting in the air. This was okay, because this was the weather he preferred. There was enough illumination in the air, that he could go out and read one of his favorite books while sitting under the tree near his house. He read it once per winter, just after the first snowfall, when the air was dusted in an experimental glaze of white. This time around, it would be the three-hundred and thirty-eighth time he has read it from cover to cover.

Sitting down in the snow, the brisk air sharpened his senses, though at the same time, it provided tranquility, and inner peace. After mere moments, he was engrossed in his book, fully rapt at each page, dissecting information that he had dissected one year ago, refreshing his mind and his enjoyment in the creative process.

Several pages in, placidly under the tree, he cared not for the small scale that hung, suspended from a branch under the tree, that had not shifted in years. Today, however, the small creaking immediately drew his attention, as one end of the scale suddenly shifted a bit lower, despite nothing being actually on either side.

Lifting an eyebrow, the book snapped to a close, one hand rooting itself into the earth to push himself upward. Gently dusting off the dirt from his behind, the male walks over to the scale, eying it with uncertainty, and perhaps a bit of incredulous surprise. That thing had not moved in decades! And when it did, the life of one of his sons had been in jeopardy. Fearing that this would be the same, he decided to go for a walk, and see what the rest of the world was up to.

Welcome to Velsin.

Velsin is a creation that has been bubbling in the forefront of my mind for several years, finally conceptualized and come to actuality. It has taken me a long time to headmaster and oversee the development of my own home-grown multi-verse, but after much demand from my players, it has finally come to pass, that I make it a reality for them to play in, even during the earliest of construction stages.

The game uses the Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 game mechanics, dice, and character sheets.

My goal is to provide a living, breathing world, that my players are happy to play in and be a part of, as well as provide them with a story they will be talking about for years to come. They will be challenged; mentally, physically, emotionally. Should they survive the process, they will have the potential to shape the world, and become the first legends.

Why wasn’t Velsin made a long time ago?

I was busy. And living in Chicago, so I had none of my friends to play. :(

Are you a player of Velsin?

Then, you need to know the rules for Attendance, Character Creation, and general Player Rules. If there is a question that you need to ask the DM regarding any of these, feel free to do so! He’s here to kill your character help you have fun!


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