Character Generation

Creating and Leveling Characters

Roll 3d6. For any die that shows a 1 or 2, re-roll that die. Thus, no score should be under 9. This is before racial ability modifiers.

Take maximum hit points when leveling; you’ll need them.

The “Katana3DG Rule”: Make a character with a flaw or two. Give life to the PC, show that there are faults underneath the skin, as no PC is perfect. Make this character, with the intention to have fun, NOT to win D&D. The DM hates people (and PCs) like that, and you should too.

Alignment: Take any alignment you want. Yet, don’t come crying to me when you get shanked in the back by the assassin for 40d6 damage, or schooled by the Paladin’s smite evil attack. Your choice, not mine. However, the important rule for players to remember, is that they should play the character, NOT the alignment. The alignment is merely a tool for grouping, and not a guideline for how one should act.

Naming: It’s sad that I have to add this, but do NOT, under ANY circumstances, choose a name that is associated with a real-world deity (past or present), or a stupid modern day name (like Steve). You only risk pissing the DM off, and having your character Hades/Athena/Cthulhu/Zeus/Loki/Thor/Jesus/Phillip slain brutally by a large fist summoned out of the air, perfectly targeting your character. No amount of dice rolling will save you, and you’ll just have to remake an entirely different character.

Starting classes and races: Of the eleven standard starting classes, none are forbidden to the players to choose as they advance in levels. Multiclassing exp penalties are not given. Starting classes may have minor changes to help balance the character. See the starting classes and races here .

Prestige classes: Any character wishing to advance beyond into a prestige class must first be given DM approval. The player must tell the DM which Pr Class they wish to take, along with how the character advances from a standard fighter to something beyond. This needs to be DONE IN ADVANCE. This allows the DM to properly allocate the PC to find the proper training extend their knowledge into new territories, as well as shape the story so that PC’s have a chance to encounter this change without sudden measures. The prestige classes that are available will be determined by the DM, per sourcebook! See the available prestige classes here .

Character Generation

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