Lirra’n is the western-most kingdom of Cxia. It boasts a wide array of temperatures, climates, people, and places.

The invasion of Blitxhixk

Blitxhixk, a black dragon from the Continent of Doverivienya, traversed over the Izziria Sea, seeking a land to conquer with a better climate than perpetual freezing cold. Finding Lirra’n to his liking, he begain ravaging small towns and cities, using his magic to re-animate the victims from those attacks to further his push over dominance.

It did not take long for his wrath to catch the attention of the King, whose armies rallied around a central, united banner, and fought and subsequently chased the dragon from each land, finally pinning down the beast at the base of the Dul’shka Volcano. In a final act of vengeance, Blitxhixk spewed a torrent of acid at immediate range, slaying the then-king of Lirra’n, before dying. Telick Grasal, the Overseer of the Armies of Lirra’n, was proclaimed King, being the highest ranking officer.

The dwarves of Kal’Kuras erected an obsidian monument to the slaying of Blitxhixk at the spot where he died, a statue of a black dragon’s skull impaled on a large pike. The monument serves as a testament to other dragons, letting them know that they will be met with resistance should they become aggressive towards the rest of the inhabitants. So far, it has worked…


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