Player Rules


All players are expected to have read, understand, and adhere to the rules below at all times.

Players will be of the age of 18 or older. No exceptions. It makes life easier for the DM.

Each player’s first PC will start at level 1. Each player that is introduced to the story will have a private event (individual game) that allows them to progress to level 2, or 3. The private event is designed to introduce the character to the world.

The preferred group is between 4-6 players, not including the DM. Anything larger will be divided, no exceptions. In the course of a Major Event that brings each group together, then arrangements will be made. These will be very rare.

In the event of a PC’s death, that player will be given the option to proceed to wait for a revival, or to allow the character to stay dead, and create a new character. PCs do not gain experience points while they are dead, and should they be revived, you cannot ‘bump’ up to match the rest of the party. Likewise, if you opt for a new character, you suffer the penalty of creating a character with one less level. Death is something that should be feared, as it can happen, and potentially often, depending on the situation at hand.

The DM is the Arbiter of all conflicts, his word is law. Players that do not follow it, shall have their respective PC’s learn firsthand that perhaps the gods are out to get them, and they would be entirely right.

Being a D&D Campaign, magic using classes normally find themselves at a serious advantage when it comes to battles, spells, teleporting out of harm, etc. Thus, the campaign will be much more difficult for them; many normal enemies will have serious immunities to certain spells, and will require tactical thinking instead of OMG FIREBALL 20d6 zOMG”. This is not intended to undercut the presence of magic classes, but merely to balance them.

If you absolutely, positively, sincerely, must attack another PC, there must be an agreement between parties beforehand not to be complete douchebags before, during, or after the battle. Partial douchebaggery is dependant on how much the character itself is a douchebag.

The overall goal is to have fun, and to enjoy a story of intrigue, passion, romance, betrayal, murder, war, and drama. Likewise, PC’s will be expected to make serious decisions that will have consequences. Not everyone can be rescued, and sometimes the choices will be bad choice A and bad choice B. The quicker that is realized, the more fun you’ll have with the campaign.

As players scale in level, so will the challenges and opponents. This should not come as a surprise. However, this campaign is considered VERY difficult. The primary role wil be on storytelling and roleplay, but the encounters themselves will be treacherous. The players may think that the DM is evil, or more evil than is the norm. This means (it should go without saying, but on record is always better) that not every battle is meant to be fought.

Fear, Horror, and Madness saves are part of the campaign. See the Ravenloft Campaign setting for more details.

The DM prefers Coca-Cola. The DM also prefers Captain Morgan & caffiene-free Coke. Sour cream & onion chips are nice, too. And Oreo cookies. Both is just… strange. But not entirely unwelcome.

Communication is important! Your teammates are called that for a reason! Not everyone can do everything! Rely on each other, and your chances of survival increase.

Characters with backstories are important. Vital, even. It is the DM’s goal to integrate the player and PC into the world, make him/her care about it. However, the concept of creating an origin story in mere minutes is difficult, so it does not have to be concrete immediately. A few sessions should be enough for you to integrate a backstory, traits, and weaknesses into your character.

The DM is ALL FOR cool, unusual ideas. Got a way to sweet talk the court into giving Bakro the Orc a lesser sentence for indecent exposure? Do it! Though, be aware that while there may be a bonus for thinking outside of the box, some tasks may be downright impossible. And sometimes, search checks will find nothing, even on a natural 20. There’s just nothing there.

[Added 5.1.11]
Players will have to manage their money effectively. There is a “Money Pool” that parties will have to use, in order to provide themselves with necessary aspects of medieval living (food, shelter, apothecary items, etc.) Keep this in mind, as PC’s travel and eventually spend.

[Added 6.20.11]
When the need for a new rule arises, it will be discussed with the parties first, to get each player’s insight and opinions on whether or not it will make the game more fun as a whole. The final arbiter of whether or not this rule goes into effect is still the DM, but again, the goal is to make the players have fun. Player insight and discussion, allows for that.

Player Rules

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